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Winners of Environmental Award to Get Admission Perks at 87 Leading Russian Universities


RNG is a long-standing supporter of the award established by Russia’s RosPrirodNadzor environmental service. The company’d been sponsoring the event for three years, and last October marked its fourth sponsorship season.

The award will recognise individuals and teams alike in ten and two respective categories. Winners will get to enjoy great prizes and tickets to Orlyonok, a children’s centre in the sunny south of Russia. This will also get them additional points for their university applications.

Higher education institutions will give 1 to 10 additional points to laureates, winners, prize-winners of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons of the Ekologiya – Delo Kazhdogo award (Russian for Ecology is Everyone’s Business); some universities are willing to recognise all participants, winner or not. This is a fantastic boon to all prospective university students as it boosts their chances of studying for free, being sponsored by a company, or getting a university scholarship.

There are 87 universities across Russia that are eager to award and take in environmentally conscious students, from Kaliningrad in the west to the Far East.