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Eastern blocks overview

In the tectonical terms Srednebotuobinskoe field coincides with the anticline structure of the same name, located in the central part of Mirninskiy fold of Nepsko-Botuobinsk anticlise. The field is divided into large tectonic blocks by a series of splits. The South (Kurung) block and the Central oil and gas condensate block, the largest on the field, are being developed by TYNGD LLC. The North block, regarded mainly as a gas block, is being developed by «ALROSA-GAZ» Company. RNG explores (with subsequent development) the Eastern blocks of the field.

Terrigenous-carbonate wend sediments, halogenous-carbonate cambria sediments, terrigenous continental Lower Jurassic sediments are part of the structure of the field. The sedimentary cover width is from 1913 m. to 2061 m. Oil-and-gas deposits are related to the terrigenous wend reservoirs – (Botuobinskiy horizon) and carbon-bearing wend reservoirs of low Cambrian period (Osinskiy horizon).

The Botuobinsky horizon of the Vendian terrigenous complex is a major productive zone of the Srednebotuobinskoye field, spreading over the entire area of the Central, Northern and Eastern Blocks.

Geological section of oil and gas bearing deposits in the Botuobinsky horizon of the Eastern Blocks of SB OGCF. The net thickness of the horizon ranges from 9 to 30 meters.

Maximum oil production rates in the vertical exploration wells of the Eastern Blocks amount to 200 tonnes per day.