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The New Economic School opened RNG JSC Name Audience


The company has been providing financial support to students and teachers of the university for two years.

Last year RNG JSC partially covered the expenses of the New Economic School for the purchase of its own building. As a sign of gratitude, NES management decided to rename one of the classes in honor of the company. The personalized auditorium is located on the third floor and completed with the most modern multimedia equipment. The room capacity is 40 people; the classes are conducted here for the students of all areas.

“We are grateful to our partners for their assistance. It is vitally important that business shows social responsibility and pays attention to the field of education. Your participation in the life of NES offers the possibility to talented kids from all over the country to learn from world-class teachers and to acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of economics and finance”, noted Anton Suvorov, rector of the New Economic School.

Charity program between RNG JSC and NES started two years ago. During this period, 53 students from all over the country received full and partial study grants, and 112 students were provided with a hostel on special terms. The partnership also includes the establishment of two professorships, which are now held by Martha Troija Martinez and Gerhard Teves.

“The opening of RNG JSC personal audience is another step in the development of partnership relations between the company and the New Economic School. Today the university trains the strongest specialists in the field of economics. I am sure that contributing to their training, we thereby invest in the future of our country”, commented Vladimir Rakitin, General Director of RNG JSC.

Moving to their own building is part of the NES development strategy until 2025. Currently 500 students train at the university and the number of students will double in two years. In addition, the campus availability will expand the school educational and scientific activities.