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RNG JSC specialists to assess the skills of future oil industry workers


Company specialists will participate as experts at the 10th Open Regional WorldSkills Russia Championship in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The competition venues were 32 educational organisations, including the Mirny Regional Technical College, which will host the championship in six competencies: “Industrial Automation; Underground Electrician; Maintenance of Service Robots; Industrial Robotics; Robotic Welding; and Oil and Gas Production. In the last section, the knowledge and skills of the participants will be assessed by RNG JSC specialists: Valery Deschenya, Head of the Oil and Gas Production Department; Ruslan Lyubimov, Head of the Oil and Gas Preparation Department; and Dmitry Mayorov, Head of the Pipeline Transportation Department.

“The oil and gas production domain is a new but promising field for our region, which is developing rapidly. We pay special attention to training specialists in this field. We have engaged employees of leading oil and gas companies as trainers and judges. We would like to thank RNG JSC for participating in our competitions as experts,” said Vladimir Berezovoy, Director of the State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Regional Technical College in Mirny.

The competition among future oilfield workers will be held from 16 to 19 February. Participants in the championships will work on oilfield equipment, production and injection wells, piping equipment and automated group metering units.

“Development of human potential is one of the company’s priority tasks. We create a comfortable working environment, invest in human capital, and pay special attention to the promotion of young professionals. By supporting such events, the company contributes to the training of professionals for Yakutia’s oil and gas industry,” commented Vladimir Rakitin, CEO of RNG JSC.