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RNG JSC rated ‘A’ in the field of sustainable development


AK&M has highly rated the company according to the national rating scale.

Analysts noted the balanced development policy pursued by RNG in economic, social and environmental areas. “RNG’s modern and responsible approach to the organization of work ensures the growth of the company, well-being of its employees, social development of the region of its operation, and preservation of its natural resources,” summed up AK&M General Director Zoya Larkina.

The agency’s report emphasizes that RNG pays special attention to the issues of environmental safety of production. The company is constantly increasing its expenses on environmental protection activities.

AK&M experts highlighted the company’s approach to human capital development, as well as RNG’s occupational health and safety programs.

RNG General Director Vladimir Rakitin commented: “In its activities, RNG invariably relies on the principles of sustainable development and measures performance not only by financial and operational indicators. The company contributes to improving the welfare of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). And we see this as one of the priority tasks.”

National rating scale of AK&M agency consists of four classes, which characterize different degrees of sustainable development of companies. The rating received by RNG belongs to the highest class.