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RNG JSC Provides Constant Assistance to the Village of Tas-Yuryah


The support is provided within the framework of the Socio-Economic Program of Botuobuyinsky Nasleg Municipality.

The company provides the budget institutions with purified water, regularly transports waste to its solid municipal waste landfill and provides the necessary equipment for the needs of the village of Tas-Yuryah on a royalty-free basis. Last year RNG JSC helped to improve the surrounding area of culture and recreation.

The Nasleg administration regularly asks the management for help. This time RNG JSC assisted in delivery of 16 tons of hay from the Sheya village of Suntarsky ulus to Sandals, the local agricultural consumer livestock cooperative. The company breeds cattle and horses. In the summer, due to weather conditions, the employees of the cooperative did not have time to prepare the necessary amount of animal feed.

“The maintenance of traditional agriculture and the preservation of existing livestock is the basis for the activities and food security of the local population. We thank RNG JSC for effective help», said Agniya Simonova, Head of the village of Tas-Yuryakh.

In addition, in the near future the company plans to deliver fuel and feed to the Living Diamonds of Yakutia natural park in Mirninsky district. RNG JSC has been supporting the nature reserve since 2014.