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RGN website translated into the Yakut language


The company’s official website is now available in Yakut. Previously, it existed in Russian and English.

RNG pays great attention to social activities. The company supports educational projects and the region’s cultural exploration programs. Under the agreement with the leadership of the republic, the RNG website has been translated into the national language.

“Yakutia has a rich distinctive heritage. For us, it is very important to preserve and popularize the Yakut language. We appreciate the contribution of RNG to the achievement of these goals,” stressed Aysen Nikolayev, Head of Yakutia.

As one of the largest employers in the Mirninsky district, the company supports the republican project “Local Personnel in Industry”. Together with educational institutions of Yakutia, RNG is implementing a program to train young specialists for the oil and gas industry. The enterprise annually invites students of specialized universities for paid summer practice in student teams.

“The company considers the contribution to the development of the region to be one of its main tasks. We are grateful to the leadership of the republic for many years of fruitful cooperation. RNG plans to continue implementing socially significant projects in the future,” stressed Vladimir Rakitin, CEO of RNG.