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New Stream of Foster Parents School Starts at Institute of Family Development with the Support of RNG


The company allocated 1 million rubles for a non-profit organization to conduct classes for those wishing to adopt or take into care a child from an orphanage at the beginning of the year.

New course starts in mid-May. It is planned to form two groups, the training will host about 40 people. They will have 13 interactive classes and lectures, where experts will talk about the family structure, the main aspects of raising a child and possible difficulties. Students will receive a certificate issued by the Foster Parents School after completing the course.

A total of 4 teams have been successfully trained since the beginning of the year, with 75 graduates. Moreover, 12 children from orphanages have found their new families.

“With the support of our partners, including RNG, we were able to continue to train guardians and adoptive parents at the Foster Parents School. We expect about 200 people to attend our classes by the end of the year. And this means that a dozen boys and girls have a better chance of finding parents”, noted Anastasia Evseevicheva, Director of Institute of Family Development.

In addition, the project provides psychological counselling to families throughout the year in Moscow. About 400 consultations have passed so far.