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RNG JSC donated modern medical equipment to Mirny hospital


As part of the RNG to Medics programme, the company delivered a mobile artificial lung ventilation (ALV) machine made by the Switzerland-made Hamilton-C1 to the Mirny Central District Hospital.

The new equipment is specially designed for all patient groups, including infants, who are treated in intensive care units and post-operative wards. Thanks to its compact size and wireless connection, as well as its integrated compressed air source, the turbine, it can be used to transport patients within the hospital. It can also operate autonomously.

The artificial respiration machines are designed to inject a gas mixture into the lungs, and connecting patients to them in a timely manner maximises the chances of survival. They have been delivered to the district hospital and have been successfully tested.

“This equipment is crucial for critically ill people with coronavirus infection who need oxygen support. This is especially relevant today, when there is an increase in the incidence of the disease across the country. We would like to thank RNG JSC for their help and cooperation in the fight against the virus,” commented Tatiana Struchkova, Chief Medical Officer of Mirny Central District Hospital

The company is implementing a range of measures to prevent a new coronavirus infection at its facilities. The company has organised regular check-ups for employees to detect symptoms of acute respiratory disease, increased the number and quality of medical facilities: the necessary medicines, protective equipment, antiseptics and disinfectants have been purchased, and the frequency of sanitation of the premises has been increased.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has been assisting the republican health care system. We understand how important it is to join forces in the fight against the virus, so we will continue to support medical institutions,” said Vladimir Rakitin, CEO of RNG JSC.

The RNG to Medics programme was launched in April 2020. The company regularly supplies personal protective equipment, equipment and medicines to Mirny Hospital to treat patients with coronavirus infection. These include immunoglobulin, rivaroxaban, fraxiparin, piperacillin, tazobactam and oxygen concentrators. In December last year, RNG supplied everything it needed to set up a mobile vaccination point.