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In recent months, RNG provided assistance to Mirny Central Regional Hospital for 120 thousand U.S. dollars


As part of “RNG to Medical Professionals” program, the company financed another purchase of medicines to treat coronavirus, as well as medical equipment and personal protective equipment.

Since last December, Mirny Central Regional Hospital has already received shipments of medications to treat patients diagnosed with COVID-19. In addition, the medical personnel received a Swiss-made Hamilton-C1 lung ventilator, an oxygen concentrator, and equipment for a mobile vaccination unit.

“We expect a new shipment of medications in the near future. This is very important for critically ill patients. RNG regularly provides assistance to our hospital. Especially in the fight against COVID-19. We are grateful to the company for another assistance in the purchase of medicines,” commented Tatiana Struchkova, chief doctor of Mirny Central Regional Hospital.

The “RNG to Medical Professionals” project has been in effect since April 2020. Its implementation is aimed, among other things, at counteracting the spread of COVID-19. The project provides gratuitous material and resource assistance to the health care system of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The project was awarded first place in the Social and Environmental Initiative category at the national stage of the MediaTEK All-Russian Prize.