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Geologists are ready for the new field season


The comprehensive relocation of the seismic survey party was completed.

A total of 124 pieces of equipment and facilities, including the NOMAD65 NEO seismic vibration sources and the Sercel 508XT telemetry recording system, were relocated.

The topographic and geodetic survey team has started marking future seismic profiles and constructing the maps required for the work. Seismic data recording is scheduled to start in November.

Specialists continue to test new seismic technologies: following the April trials of the French wireless seismic data recording system WING from Sercel, a new Chinese wireless observation system, SmartSolo from DTCC, was tested in September. The data is now being processed and a detailed report will be compiled on the applicability of SmartSolo equipment in Yakutia’s climatic conditions.

Comfortable working conditions have been created at the party site, autonomous access to electric power is provided by two diesel power stations with capacity of 250 kilowatt each. Satellite telephones and internet access have been installed. The party’s facilities include a canteen, a laundry and a sauna, all ready to use.