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Employees of RNG JSC Received Awards on the Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day


The specialists’ merits were honored with Certificates and Letters of gratitude.

RNG JSC employees Vadim Tarasov, head of warehouse and transport logistics department, and Alexander Vyborov, head of oil processing and pumping shop, received departmental awards from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for their contribution to the fuel and energy complex development and long-term conscientious work.

Alexander Uskov Deputy CEO & Head of Construction Department of RNG JSC received the title of Honored Builder from the department.

“I thank the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for such a high assessment. The participation in the region socio-economic development is one of the main tasks of the company. We continue to make a feasible contribution to the infrastructure development and road facilities of the republic”, noted Alexander Uskov.

Gratitudes and Merit Certificates of the department were also awarded to the employees of OOO YakutStroyProekt: Viktor Stempen, driver of 5th category; Sergey Buldakov, skidder driver of 6th category; Alexander Tyarin, chief engineer of construction; Georgy Roshka, roller driver of 6th category; Fedor Uzun, driver of 4th category; Igor Polyantsev, driver of 4th category; Marat Kashapov deputy chief of party administration, the specialist of OOO Syuldukar Geologorazvedka, and Anatoly Gerasimenko, loader operator & loader, the employee of OOO RNG Snabzhenie.

On behalf of Alexander Basyrov, Head of Mirny District Municipal Entity, the Certificates and Gratitudes were awarded to the employees of RNG JSC: Evgeny Laryukhin, production and technical documentation engineer, Nikolay Tsurikov, diesel generator field operator of 5th category, as well as Dmitry Skvortsov, driver of 4th category of OOO RNG Snabzhenie and Galina Petrova, head of test laboratory of OOO YakutStroyProekt.

Merit Certificates from Klim Antonov, the Mirny Mayor, were presented to Anastasia Vasilyeva, leading engineer of production and technical department of OOO RNG Snabzhenie, and Alexey Prygunov, foreman of oil processing and pumping shop of RNG JSC.