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Information portal Letnews.ru: RNG Provides Assistance to Volunteers of Russian Red Cross

A group of the Yakut Regional Branch of the public organisation, formed by RNG, took part in the second thematic volunteer meeting. The event passed in the area of Us Khatyn and gathered 170 volunteers from all over the region.

The volunteers participated in workshops on emergency response and first aid. Also the basic algorithms of emergency rescue actions were demonstrated. The participants learned about the equipment and special vehicles of operational services.


Newsroom.su: RNG is a Finalist of Headhunter Employers Rating in Russia

The company took the eighth place in the field of Energy, Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials. The identification of the best Russian employers, which entered the HeadHunter rating, took place in several stages: questioning of employees’ loyalty level to the organisation they work, applicants polling on the Internet recruiting portal and expert assessment of the development of HR processes of participating enterprises. In total, 1996 companies submitted their applications, 1082 of them became finalists.


VESTNIK SZFO: RNG provided financial assistance to the Lighthouse Charity Foundation

At the beginning of 2023, the company allocated funds to support terminally ill children, as well as the purchase of medical devices and consumables.

RNG has been helping the Lighthouse Charity Foundation for two years. The foundation supports hospices for children in Moscow and the Moscow Region and a hospice for young adults. More than 800 families are in the care of institutions.

Read more on the website: VESTNIK SZFO


Irkutskaya Torgovaya Gazeta: RNG helped to renovate the only school in the village of Tas-Yuryakh

RNG allocated 1 million rubles for school repair in the village of Tas-Yuryakh within the Socio-Economic Program of Botuobuyinsky Nasleg Municipality.

These funds were used to repair the roof and toilet rooms, including floor insulation and plumbing. In addition, partial renovation took place in the premises of the Point of Growth project and the lobby of the first floor of the school.

More details on the website of Irkutskaya Torgovaya Gazeta


Yakutia.Info Portal on the Support of RNG JSC of the Ecology is Everyone’s Business International Award.

The company is a federal partner of the award. The applications for the project second season started on March 1 and lasted until October 1. During this time, the project received an unprecedented quantity of applications – more than 45 thousand. Participants from all regions of Russia from 33 countries sent their works in nine nominations. The winners were announced during the final conference.

For more information, see Yakutia.Info portal


Newsroom.su Site Speaks About RNG JSC Assistance to the Village of Tas-Yuryakh

The settlement receives the support on a permanent basis within the framework of Social and Economic Development Program of Botuobuyinsky Nasleg Municipality. The company provides the budget institutions with purified water, regularly transports waste to its solid municipal waste landfill and provides the necessary equipment for the needs of the village of Tas-Yuryah on a royalty-free basis. Last year RNG JSC helped to improve the surrounding area of culture and recreation.

The details in the news portal publication newsroom.su


The TV channel "Yakutia 24" plot on the winners awarding of the competition in the field of education, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Yakut ASSR

RNG JSC acted as the initiator and general sponsor of the competition. The event intended to support teaching employees and promote the development of human resources in Yakutia through stimulation and encouragement of the best specialists. These teachers have contributed significantly to the development of the Republic education system and have at least 5 years of experience. 305 people applied for the award. One hundred best representatives of their professions received awards of 100,000 rubles each.